Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Inaugural Post

G'day and Welcome to our Blog.

BU4 DUMC Cell Group is a blog intended to share with everyone our activities and passions for Christ.

Yup!! We're a Christian cell group that meets every Wednesday night at 830pm in Bandar Utama, PJ.
Most of the time we meet at 59, Jalan Bandar Utama 4/7 unless we have other activities like bowling, movie night, prayer night at church, or even have our cell group meetings at other cell members houses etc etc.

We welcome anyone who's interested to learn more about Jesus Christ or even if you're looking for a social group to join.

We attend church every Saturday or Sunday at DUMC (Damansara Utama Methodist Church)
Sunday 10am -12pm
Saturday 5pm - 7pm

To hear from our beloved Senior Pastor on lessons in living a fruitful and fulfilling Life.

We have about 8 cell members (& growing) and each week we welcome our cell members and visitors to the cell group as it is a pleasure to always make new friends.
We are basically a cell group that's growing from a Young Adults cell group moving on towards the next phase of our lives, marriage and parenting.

We aim to see people transition from one stage to another stage successfully, for change is always constant, and we believe change when handled well gives everyone a springboard to greater heights.

We also have a great time in singing Worship songs to the Lord as an expression of our love to Him. And then share from the Word of God how it applies to our lives and thence to how we can continue to present the Living word to the World in our individual lives as well as a collective group...

Once again.. do pop by or even drop an email at for more information.

Richest Blessings
Paul Sebastian