Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Christmas With BU4

(photo taken from Stanley Woo's Facebook)

We had our first Community Event within our neighbourhood. It was indeed an event organised on a short runway. With much help from the BU4 Residents and 4 other cell groups, we managed to pull off the event. Ultimately, we can only attribute this to God's enablement.

We started organising this event when Helen (Tai Ka Che) of the BU4 Resident's Association (BU4RA), called me up surprisingly one day. She spoke to me (Paul) as if she knew me. So I was left confused if I had ever met her.

But Helen, being her friendly self, explained later that she had never met me before. Indeed this was off to a good start.

We the cell jumped at this opportunity to be a part of this Community event to bring Christmas cheer and to share the Peace and Joy of Christ. Like any event, has it's moments that "it's going to happen or not" but.. Thank God it all "jadi" in the end. Because God's on our side.

With participation from Wan Tee, Amy, Andrew + Georgia & Justin's Cell group, we had a sizeable choir. Each group of about 15 ppl (give or take 5) along with a few of the BU4 kids.

On the 13th of December, we proceeded with Caroling at 9 houses in BU4. In spite of the earlier rain, we prayed for the rain to stop and it did. Praise God. We started at 6pm and proceeded to go to the first house after prayer at home. Half-way through it started to drizzle again, and Andrew urged us to pray against it, and the rain stopped. Praise God once again..

On our travels we met many different residents including one house that belongs to our very own DUMC member. :) It was a pleasant surprise.

After caroling was done, we gathered at a street corner under a canopy to fellowship with residents for a Christmas makan. And one final round of caroling with the Residents. About 50-60 residents turned up.

We closed shop at 9pm and went back to our house to pray,rest and recollect. We indeed pray that the many hearts have been touched by the message and caroling. And we will continue to pray for the residents who are facing security issues with the few break ins that have occured in the past few weeks.

Having said that we look forward to more events with BU4RA and believe that God will continue to bless and protect this community and know Him closer and better each day.

More Pictures to Come.