Monday, February 2, 2009

Street Ministry 31 Jan 2009

Over the past Chinese New Year many of us cell members balik kampung except for those whose Kampung is in Klang Valley, and we were invited by our dear zone pastor, Pastor Soo Seng Fei, to join him in ministering to the street people in the Klang Bus Stand area. (This was our 2nd time coming for Street Ministry)

As many as 70 ppl turned up for this Chinese New Year street gathering.

Here's a few pictures of what we did.

Pastor Seng Fei, Sharing the message, with Boo Seng translating.
a very apt message from John 4:43 - 54

About the healing of the official's son.
He spoke mainly about the need of healing not just of the body but of our spirit and soul.

We too pray that they will receive healing in their lives for the many hurts and hardships they
face each day.

Ppl attending the service listening to the message.

Street fellowship or KL Urban Fellowship service is run every Saturday at 7pm. The service is to share the good news with them and to especially network with them.
Most people come here to look for a place to fill their tummies, receive a little something and enjoy good fellowship.
Those sincerely looking for a job also come here everyday that the centre is open.

It is indeed a tough job giving them what they need and not just handing out food and money to them. Because this ministry intends to help each person get back on their feet again.

We as a cell group went out to help with leading worship and translating the message. We are not well equipped or have the personality/passion (YET) to serve them. We might end up doing more damage than good, because we don't fully understand what is actually good for them.

Our brother Steve Yew (a former street person himself) heads this ministry and I am amazed at his energy, commitment in running this place. We pray that more and more people like him will rise up to serve and improve the living of the persons who need help.

It was good to make a few new friends, though some of them were shy to speak to us. We hope to go back there and see them again and see them get better and regain dignity and independence in their lives.

We arrived at 510pm to setup the place and prepare a simple ice breaker, i.e. for them to look under their chairs to find an angpow just for them.
All angpows contained scripture, with some of them containing some money.

Our team comprised of the following persons
Paul & Emily, Terence & Emily(Mei), Boo Seng & Lizzie, Chin Yee, Anson, Gary & Kyvern, Hanieff

Chin Yee & Boo Seng were involved with translating from Cantonese to Bahasa for the introductions, prayers and message.

While Anson & Paul were on guitars, Emily, Kyvern, Lizzie & Terence were singing, Gary played drums, Mei on Tambourine, Hanieff on Projector slideshow.

We led all the ppl present in worship, with songs like
Segala Puji Syukur (Soraklah), Chin Chia Ho, Goa Ia Sor Chin Ho, Yang Terutama, Kau Tuhan.

We have much to learn about leading people into worship especially in a tongue that is unfamiliar to us.

Yet, we thank God for the responsive hearts.

Pastor led everyone in a time of Word and prayer, and praise God many responded.

We rested that nite, thanking God for the help and opportunities He's given us to see and be more in touch with the people who are less fortunate than us. It brings us back to earth to see that there are many with needs and we should respond to these needs.

Lord Bless you all.