Monday, April 20, 2009

My Journal for 20 April 2009 - Anson's Entry

Scripture: Nehemiah 6-7:3

*Hanani – means God is gracious

Observation & Partial Application:

Tobiah/Sanballat/Noadiah were causing lots of confusion as mentioned in the earlier part of Chapter 6 of Nehemiah, but in spite of all this intimidation, Nehemiah looked up to the Almighty God at every single cost (6:9) and was able to answer boldly against all these nonsensical intimidation against the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall (6:11) because God's hand was truly upon Nehemiah.

Yes, the wall was fully done up by day 52 – verse 15 explains that the enemies and the surrounding kingdoms were terrified NOT BECAUSE OF MERE STRENGTH OF MEN but rather, the STRENGTH OF GOD ALMIGHTY.

Chapter 7:1-3 can strongly be equated to the typical contemporary worship team that in days of old, were a DEAD SERIOUS MATTER – they held a SERIOUS position alongside keepers of the gates of Jerusalem's wall. Not much was said about Hanani/Hananiah but through God's word, he rightfully was appointed as the commander of the citadel because of his unwavering faith in the Lord God Almighty. Just like the citadel needing an RIGHTEOUS and RELIABLE (R & R) commander, so do nations need rulers and governors and heads of state, as well as companies and corporations who need leaders who are likewise with Hanani.


Dear Lord, I pray, entrust and commit myself to You for You alone are always the source of wisdom as You were to Nehemiah, and Lord, looking at every single area of my life (even the tightest of circumstances), let not my soul be downcast to my point of worry and agitation, but instead put its trust in You alone, the Rock of my salvation. In Your precious name, Lord Jesus I pray. Amen.

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