Friday, April 10, 2009

Upcoming Street Ministry & Easter & Good News!

Just an announcement for the cell and readership. :)

As part of ongoing teambuilding and relationship building, we're always looking forward to outreach service based activities, to help ourselves and in any little way helping others.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday (12th April), and the cell (probably a small group) will be going to Carey Island to meet with the Christian community there (the Mahmeri folks) who will be celebrating Easter.

The team departs from Dream Centre at about 2pm. for more details email Terence Chong. :)

on the Saturday, 2nd of May afternoon , we're once again going to Urban Street fellowship on the 2nd of May. Program is still the same.. serve and hopefully connect with people there.
Details please email Paul.

Terence will be busy around that time as he and his wife will be expecting their first baby!!! So continue to pray for them.

That's all for now.. take care and God Bless

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